Thursday, 24 April 2008

Who, What, Where, & When...

We are Time Travel Opportunists. Our names are Emma J. Lannie, Richard ‘Biff’ Birkin, and Nathan Good. We all live in Derby and write stories. In February of 2008 we put some stories together and by April released our first, self-published book entitled ‘Coffee.’

All our books are handmade limited editions, and come with free stuff. We try and publish every other month, and launch each book with a massive party where we, along with special guests reading their own pieces or performing songs, perform the pieces from the book.

We are a non-profit publisher, putting the profits from the sale of each of our books into the publication of the next one. We started off with a grant from Literature Development at Derby City Council, and have continued to work with Literature Development Officer and all round legend Catherine Rogers on developing Live Literature in Derby.

In the near future we’ll be leading some workshops for young people, encouraging them to write and perform, showing them how to self-publish, and generally getting creative. It’s our hope that in the coming months and years, Live Literature in Derby will lose any stigma it has and be as accessible and enjoyable as the independent music scene we grew up in.

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