Friday, 30 January 2009

Hello Hubmarine 0901

1. Jan '09

FILM – 3 short films

2008 saw the introduction of Rhythm & Blue’s live literature based open-mic(ish) night, as well as local writing/publishing collective Time Travel Opportunists holding release parties of a similar ilk at Big Blue on Sadlergate in Derby.

In 2009 the two have joined forces with other local promoters and artists to create HELLO HUBMARINE, the first manifestation of which is a free monthly night of highly varied high quality music, fiction, poetry and film in the warm and welcoming setting of Derby’s finest outlet of coffee, tea, cakes, biscuits and booze.

This first HELLO HUBMARINE event will feature music from Luke Wynne, whose performances have been raved about all around town. Thrashed out yet melodic acoustic songs with an incredible emotional depth that is introspective yet in no way indulgent, put across with a giant and often spine shatteringly powerful voice. Before that we’ll have Leicester based writer Drew Gummerson, author of the acclaimed 2008 novel ‘Me And Mickie James’. We don’t know what Drew is going to do this time, but based on the story he contributed to last year’s HOME collection (by Time Travel Opps) with accompanying sound-effect laden audio track, we can’t wait to find out.

Social warrior and passionate rhyme-master Jonezy will follow up his success at the Derby Poetry Slam earlier in the month. His pieces are at once powerful and moving, and he just gets better and better, mining new depths from his urban style. The same can also be said of Joe Coghlan, who takes you into the hidden details of social change in a way that makes jaws drop and foreheads sweat. Versing about sweat in an entirely different way will be boater and National Poetry Day wizardess Jo Bell. Expect something saucy...

In the realms of short fiction, Emma Lannie and Nathan Good from Time Travel Opportunists are making waves with their intensely personal yet highly accessible stories, read in a way that gets you every time. Duncan Cheshire, second on the baton of Untitled Supermarket Nightmare and relief worker at the interactive library SH, will be floating over from Nottingham with his gorgeous fiction featuring, among other things, hot air balloons.

Add to that a selection of largely unseen magical and inventive short films from around the world, and that is that. A line-up to be proud of, and one we’re frantically trying to match for the months to come. We hope you’ll join us at kick-off and come warm yourselves around our fire.


Jenn said...

Wish I was there. I'd have fought you all!

emma said...

You were sorely missed. You know you're welcome anytime, right? Tie the trip in with a cactus-man visit. Go on. Go on. Go on.