Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hello Hubmarine 0903


Fiction – Jenn Ashworth
Poetry – Ivoryfishbone, Lemn Sissay
Music – Amy Scott & Adam Gallagher
Comedy - James Hately
Film – 3 short films from the vaults of Luniere

Step up step up, for it’s time for the third Hello Hubmarine! Hear ye, that this time we’re chuffed to pieces not only with our line-up (as usual), but to be part of what we think is the first literature festival in our fair city – Shout!Fest – a long weekend of events including the return of John Hegley, a Lemn Sissay workshop, and much more including, yes, Hello Hubmarine on Saturday 28th March.
As usual it’s free and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a selection of fine contemporary fiction, poetry, music, and short film. Here’s what’s coming at you:
JENN ASHWORTH has just had her debut novel published by Arcadia Books and was going to be in Derby anyway signing copies of the down-right amazing thing in Waterstones. So we nabbed her with promises of red wine and pink things for presents. Needless to say she accepted, and good for you she did because all her stories, while funny and absurd, are based around the same minutiae and experiences we all go through everyday and so carry with them a sincerity that lifts her writing far above the absurd. Her novel, although not even out a month, is already in its second pressing so a lot of people must agree.

On the poetry front we’re very proud to have laid our hands on two big names. LEMN SISSAY is the author of 5 poetry collections. The latest 'Listener' was published by Canongate last year. He has been commissioned to write poems for various bodies including the World Service, and his work has become public art, particularly in Manchester where his poems appear on the buildings and streets. In 2007 he was appointed artist in residence at the Southbank Centre. He reads his work all around the world, and his work is featured on many albums most notably Leftism by Leftfield. After growing up in care he is now patron of Letterbox which focuses on improving the educational outlook for children aged 7-11 in foster care by providing them with a parcel of books every six months. The Independent on Sunday says of his work , “His poems are the songs of the street, declamatory, imaginative, hardhitting,” – we say they’re funny, real, warm, honest and inspirational.
Second on our poetic roster is the lady who goes by the name IVORYFISHBONE is a poet, novelist, short story writer, film maker and performer, teaches writing in the community, prisons and universities. Her first chapbook ‘April's Fish’ was published by Koo Press in 2006, and since then she has been widely published including commissions for Tripod Magazine and BBCRadio 4 as well as performances at the Edinburgh Fringe and Bloomsbury Theatre. She can be sensual , lighthearted and risque with her sardonic spin on love , sex and relationships. You can't help feeling an intimacy with the poems and will find yourself nodding your head in recognition and, just maybe, wiping the tears from your eyes.
JAMES HATELY is all about drifters, wasps, and dinosaur briefs – a man mischievously inconsiderate of the sleeping patterns of bears…but in a way that makes perfect sense to everyone. Come hear him speak, and think deeply about what he has to tell you about the world that, to him, is exactly as it seems.

Music on the night will be provided by AMY SCOTT’s voice and guitar with the djembe of ADAM GALLAGHER, with films interspersed throughout the evening. Open Mic slots are available for those who wish to take the baton in the breaks and express themselves. Either get in touch with us before or turn up and take the mic.


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