Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Cold Wind Blows

It's sunny, but it's gone a bit cold again. I made a mistake yesterday wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt to walk to Baby Studios with my guitar. I was going there to meet Michael Frearson, and to put some guitar underneath his spoken word. Here's Fierce:

I was hoping to put a link up to the things we recorded, but late last night the man tells me he'd fluffed up a line in the one song that we'd done together before (at the Coffee launch night). All the other ones we put together with him in the vocal booth and me sat strumming something, but it worked really well. Alex Blood was at the helm. This is him:

I don't know about you, but I like his hat. I'll post up some links when the stuff gets fixed. Anyway, we're hoping to host some of Michael's poetry and prose here pretty damn soon.

I've just had a listen to the first QUAD Podcast (QUADCAST!), and I liked what the guys at Katapult were saying about Derby. If you like culture and you like Derby, have a listen.

Update: You can listen to the Michael Frearson recordings HERE. Go, go now!

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