Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Free Digital Coffee

As promised, we've digitised our book. You can download the PDF (596KB) here.

But what of the CD? Well when you get to that page you'll see a link to download the mp3. Easy Peasy!

Just in case you weren't there at the performance, I'll just briefly point out that you can buy a real book that's been hand-bound, and of which there will only ever be one hundred in that exact form. With that you also get a free pin badge and chocolate covered coffee bean!

We Time Travel Opportunists believe that the monetary value is not in the words that make up the stories. At least, we don't want to put a price tag on ours. The three pounds don't pay for them, they pay for the materials that are part of each book and the materials for the next book, and the next one, and the next one. The contents of the book are brought to you under a Creative Commons license which means we don't mind what you do with it, as long people know where it came from and aren't paying you or anyone else for it.

That'll be all. Enjoy, pass the parcel, and support Live Literature in your town!

Yours sincerely,

Time Travel Opportunists

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