Monday, 30 June 2008

A Collection Of Stories About TIME

Here it is. Our second book. We hope you like it.

It's called 'TIME' and that's the theme. There are seven short stories over 32 pages.
There are also three letters written by the three of us in the moment before the clocks went forward an hour in March 2008.

It's printed on recycled paper and there are 200 copies. Each one is hand-bound, hand-stamped, and comes with an envelope containing a badge and a free minute. You can see all this in the picture. We should point out that the Westminster Movement is not included...

It costs three pounds from us in person, or four pounds in the post. You can get one by contacting us at


P.S. This is what it looks like in colour:

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Catherine said...

I read Time the morning after the night before, all in one go, lying in bed, all groggy holding its new blueness and recycled inkiness and was transported somewhere else. The writing is acute, painful, real and warm - all those things and more. The authors, if you are lucky enough to meet them, are all those things and more. You travel with them in Time and live those moments without really knowing where you are and experience the effortlessness that not knowing that makes you feel.
Read it, I urge you, it might transport you .... forever. Use your minutes wisely , get hold of 'Time'.