Wednesday, 25 June 2008

TIME Book Launch (Update)

It's Wednesday today. That's good because it's nearly Saturday. We're really looking forward to Saturday. It's also bad. It's bad because it's nearly Saturday. We're really looking forward to Saturday but there's SO MUCH TO DO.

Here are a list of reasons why we're looking forward to Saturday:

THE MONTH OF JANUARY (a whole month in one night? Only a man acquainted with Doktor Coke & Ray:ManOfWords could pull it off)

PAUL HAMMOND (The only all-star quarterback from the East Midlands. Polymath, entrepreneur, legendary lover, all before the age of twenty-five. Is he going to give us Stephen Hawking's real deal?)

JENN ASHWORTH (our first not-from-round-ere guest. A prolific liar and extremely talented writer from Manchester, Jenn also writes the interactive library novel 'SH' with Emma TTO.)

STEPHEN M. ROE (Down from Leeds, Steve once haunted the streets of Derby before going up there to become part of Hooray! Say The Roses and now Held By Hands. He'll be sitting in front of a mic and behind a guitar, perhaps even with Harry on violin)

KEVIN WALLACE & JO BELL (They've only gone and written a special duet about TIME haven't they! I can't wait for this one. Although I think it might be filthy. Warn your mum!)

(Awesome, passionate, sentimental wittard and poet. If you don't know Frearson already you flipping well should. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably get a Party Ring thrown your way.)

TIME TRAVEL OPPORTUNISTS (that's right, it's us again. We'll be reading from our new book, and waxing lyrical about our main collective obsession - TIME.)

It's at Big Blue on Sadlergate in Derby. It's free. There'll be something free from us when you walk through the door (probably). We will try to make the evening very 'special'.

New poster (only slightly different from original):

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