Tuesday, 10 June 2008

It's About Time

We had a great meeting last night. The first in ages what with redundancies and holidays and it being Too Nice To Be Inside.

The new book is coming together nicely. We should be ready to go to print by the end of this week, which means that (fingers crossed) we'll be binding even before the Hegley gig.

We also finalised the running order of the TIME launch night, making sure that the only thing that will be the same will be the dynamics and energy. We're not going to give away too much until we've had a chance to get everything together, but Big Blue might very well feel like you're Outside Of Time. We hope anyway. Just to clarify it will still be free, and there'll be music and coffee and booze and free stuff.

It's easy giving away Bourbon biscuits when you're releasing a book about Coffee, but what do you give away when you're releasing a book about Time?

We also made a bit of time to prepare some original stuff for the John Hegley gig. I'm not sure how, but we ended up having a fictional argument in Haiku. Then again that might be a good thing to do...

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