Monday, 16 June 2008

Reviews Of Our First Book, The One About Coffee

As you can see from the previous post, we're doing a performance to launch our second book - TIME. We are giddy to announce that we will be joined by Jenn Ashworth, who is right now celebrating her new book deal, will be our first non-Derby-based guest, and who will be performing a special piece about TIME!

A couple of months ago we launched our first book. It was called COFFEE. We sent Jenn a copy. Jenn wrote a review of it which pleased us a lot.

Chris Killen also wrote a review in a post about a few other books like ours.

Here are my favourite quotes from the reviews, the ones I'd like to see on a sticker on the front if we ever happen to put a sticker on the front (with quotes on):

"Top Banana! " - Jenn Ashworth

"It feels like you are going round to a house" - Chris Killen

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