Monday, 23 June 2008

Small Publishing Archive, and The Place Where Time Stood Still

Cromford is where time has almost stood still. It's also where you'll find RGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications), behind a car repair garage, in an old mill that doesn't work anymore.

I went up there to have a chat with Martin Rogers about the way we publish our books, and if we could use their space or equipment. It turns out they're so utterly full of books that there's less space there than in our house at the moment. Martin have us some great advice on how to speed up the process of making our books this time around, and lent us a couple of bone folders. What a Lord!

These are ADANA presses. I love them. I want to use them As Soon As Possible. We might make something up just as an excuse to use these babies.

This is on the side of the building. It's where all that machinery from the picture at the top is supposed to go. At the moment it looks like someone is flushing a toilet all the time. A really really big one.

It's amazingly beautiful up there. Unfortunately, the place isn't open all the time. You have to get in touch. But we urge you to, because Martin is lovely and a great help to anyone with a passion for publishing. He also runs the Small Publishers Fair in London in October. I think we might be going to perform and flog our wares.

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