Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Milling Around

On Monday of this week we went up to Matlock to be shown how to Advise young people doing their Arts Award. Arts Awards weren't around when I was a young person. A Silver Arts Award is worth a high-grade pass at GCSE level, and a Gold one is the same as an A-Level! Just think, I could have got an A-level in doing cool stuff instead of spending all my spare time learning to do stuff by trial and error and neglecting my A-levels...

Ho-hum. It was a nice day and, like most things we do, felt like we'd travelled in time. We were in a conference room in Masson Mill at Matlock Bath. This was in the car-park:

We went up there with Michael Frearson, who we're doing some activities with at a summer school in August. We're indulging young people's imaginations in Time Travel and Super-Hero stories, poems, and songs, and we might even get them to publish a book/cd by the end of the fortnight. Simon Jones (Jonezy/Equalibri) was there, as he's doing some things along the same lines soon. We may or may not be a part of that, depending on time and work, but I sincerely hope that we do.

We're hoping to do more of this kind of stuff as time goes on, and getting the Arts Award Advisor certificates is the first step. If you're under 25 or if you're the parent/guardian of someone who is, keep your eyes and ears peeled for news of practitioners in your area, or go to the website.

That is all.


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