Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A Really Bloomin' Nice Time

It's been over a week since it happened, but it's taken that long to catch up with everything after the TIME launch the Saturday before last. We had an amazing time. Really. We've all been obsessed with Time in our own ways for years, and came together to write and publish books and put on parties. So to have launched our second book and it be about Time made us chuffed to the rafters, and so did the launch night.

Jo Bell and Kevin Wallace. An incredible pairing. Inspiring performance, saucy n'all. This is them:

Paul Hammond. I think we mentioned somewhere that he was a genius and this new performance was proof. A lecture about Time that should be part of TED or at least the Christmas lectures on the tele. Hammond:

Jenn Ashworth was proper funny. We've since learned that Jenn wrote her stories about Sexy John that afternoon out of fear that if what she had wasn't about Time then there'd be some kind of wrath incurred. Derby's been begging for more of the Ashworth's literature and lies ever since:

Another exclusive debut on the night: The Month Of January, Doktor CocaColaMcDonalds' newest side-kick who will be appearing with him at Edinburgh Festival this year. Anyone up there should check out the new show as it's up there with last year's which had everyone in the little room at the Festival in tears of joy and ridiculousness. Here he is in all his monthly glory:

Massive thanks to Jo Lewis for coming down at about an hour's notice and blowing everyone away with the most timeless sounding acoustic music I've ever heard. Guitar and voice combine to sound like something that should come on a 78rpm vinyl and be played on a gramophone. Really. Honestly. That good.

We're always badgering on about this next guy. Michael Frearson, performance poet and champion of party rings and sexual melancholy. We'll be publishing his book over the next couple of weeks and rehearsing our new piece ready for the launch on the 26th July at Big Blue. Put it in your diaries. Free Party Rings no doubt. Here's Michael chucking one out:

Us three did a bit here and a bit there as well. We had the most incredible night and loved having everyone down again. That applies to everyone who performed and everyone who came. We hope to see you in a few weeks for Michael's book launch, as well as the following month when we release our third book as Time Travel Opportunists (which will also be the first one that we've opened up to everyone to contribute to. More on that very soon).


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