Saturday, 23 August 2008

We'll Be Home Late

Time Travel Opps has been really flipping busy of late. As well as doing Michael's book, we've been running a Superhero Boot Camp at Swanwick Hall School. We've also been, in no particular order, moving house, going to birthday parties, enjoying the summer, and writing our Home stories.

That last one, that's important that is. We've closed the doors on submissions for our next release: HOME. If you've not read about it before, HOME is the first book or writing we'll be doing that involves more people. We've had submissions open for a couple of months and have a load of awesome stories, poems, and drawings to go in the new book.

As usual, we'll be holding a big launch party at Big Blue Coffee Company in Derby. We were intending to do it at the end of August, but it will now be on Saturday September 20th. We'll dish out more details as soon as they're set in stone, but it's going to be an ace night, and given the extra few weeks the physical aspects of the book, as well as what's in it, will be a real achievement for us.



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