Thursday, 14 August 2008

Being That Person by Michael Frearson

We Time Travel Opportunists are proud to present our third book release, a collection of poetry from Derby's finest spoken word performer Michael Frearson.

This first edition is limited to 100 hand-bound, hand-numbered copies. They're three pounds, and come with a free 'Work For Cheese' badge in a stamped envelope, along with a Being That Person ID Card with one of six fictional identities.

Inside are five poems that make up the tale, and a CD of them being performed at Baby J Studios in Derby with TTO's Biff accompanying the poetry on acoustic guitar. The CD was produced by Alex Blood.

We only have a couple of handfuls of these left after the roaring success of the launch night last month (photos of which will follow as soon as we get them). Order a copy of the book while you can from the TTO Bookshop.



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