Thursday, 4 December 2008

Time Travel Opps & The Four Calling Birds

Actually, it should probably be more a case of Three French Hens, but where the 'French Hens' are actually 'places that the Time Travel Opportunists will be appearing in December'. Does that make sense?

In chronological order the three things that we'll be at are:

1. Xmas On Christmas Island at Big Blue on Saturday 6th December.
2. Carol Of The Bell at The Old Bell on Tuesday 9th December.
3. TTO Christmas 'shindig' at Big Blue on Saturday 20th December.

Let me elaborate...

Xmas On Christmas Island
Saturday December 6th - Big Blue Coffee Company - 8 'til 11pm - FREE entry.

Mr. Kevin Wallace is marking the 50th anniversary of the first hydrogen bomb test. Yes, we (Great Britain) blew up a bomb on Christmas Island. Kevin has written some new material especially and has invited us along (and asked us to write something special) to perform.
Here's the poster with the other people on it and snow and baubles:

Carol Of The Bell
Tuesday 9th December - The Old Bell (Sadlergate) - 8pm 'til whenever - £2 entry

Not strictly a TTO thing. In fact, as well as being the only TTO person 'performing' I'll probably be the only TTO person there due to work parties and The Hold Steady. Still, I'll be playing guitar and singing some songs there. I might also read a story. Other people will be playing and singing and some people will be doing comedy or showing short films. It will be REALLY good. Here is the poster (festive colours but no baubles but good use of the exclamation mark):

Time Travel Opportunists Christmas Party
Saturday 20th December 2008 - Big Blue Coffee Company - 8 'til 12pm - FREE

We're not launching a book (officially), and we're not 'organising' a line-up of any kind. We've hired out Big Blue to have a bloomin' nice time, play some music, and generally thank everyone for making our year by supporting what we've started as Time Travel Opportunists. We'll post more about this after this weekend...



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