Monday, 1 December 2008

This Side Of Poetry by Michael Frearson

Hot on the heels of Being That Person, the first day of November saw Michael release his second collection of poetry on our little publishing imprint. 100 copies were made, hand-bound stamped and numbered. As is becoming the tradition with Michael there's a top trump for you to use in competition with your fellow poetry diggers, a badge featuring cover star Arthur the Zebra and also a CD:

Whoo! The CD packaging is particularly nice, and was designed and printed by the Searston brothers. On the CD are all the poems from the book, but performed out loud. Why deny your ears a bit of poetry eh? This one is a more varied affair than the acoustic sounds of the Being That Person CD, with each track accompanied differently by different local talented geezers and geezettes. There's Alex Blood taking the poem 'Somebody' into cut-up funk soul territory, Alex Bowen soundtracking 'Coming Home' on piano, and DJ Wax On taking live favourite 'The Day Supergirl Cried' into the bold territory of dramatic vinyl crackling Clayderman and low end hip hop beats. There's also me strumming along to 'Goodbye', probably my favourite of Michael's new poems that takes in all of the sentiment and references of previous pieces from both collections but with a whole new sense of perspective.

Hear some of these pieces here. You should also check out Michael's blog here, where he swears a lot and talks about, among other things, his increasing amount of poetic excursions. Busy as he is, he's also finally got round to writing a chapter for Emma and Jenn's interactive library novel SH.

If you would like to get your hands on this whole bundle, e-mail us and we'll sort out getting one off Michael for you.

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