Monday, 3 November 2008

A Book About Home

Here it is. The behemoth. The thing that nearly killed us making...but was worth it in the end. The third Time Travel Opportunists collection, a book about HOME.

Back in early 2008, we emerged from a long dark winter thinking about writing and releasing books. We planned to do three. The first would be COFFEE, the second would be TIME. These two would only include our stories, but we'd open up the third for submissions. So, as we move into another winter, we complete the cycle.

The book is in two handbound parts, housed together in a card box tied together with string around a key. In the box you'll also find a print by Tracey Meek, a mini-envelope made out of a map containing a badge, and a booklet about the writers. There are stories by each of the Time Travel Opportunists, and we're chuffed to the rafters to be releasing previously unreleased stories by Drew Gummerson, Chris Killen, Jenn Ashworth, Gareth Draper, and Aimee Wilkinson; poems by Michael Frearson, Joe Coghlan, Richard Barrett, and Rob Hodkinson; plus lovely illustrations courtesy of Tracey Meek and Sarah Crane.

All this for £4.00 from the TTO Bookstore.

P.S. Thankyou to all of the writers for contributing, and for performing their pieces at the launch of which will follow.


Adorna Shine - Writer said...

What a lovely book.

Do you have any plans to publish any pink books?

Adorna Shine

emma said...

Thanks Adorna.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a pink book. Maybe even a bit of glitter. Watch this space.

Adam Maxwell said...

This looks brilliant - have just ordered mine and can't wait til it drop through the old letterbox :)